Natural Healing Starts Within

You know the feeling when you are sick, under the weather or suffer from painful disease. You wait in the doctor's office for hours where he/she asks you a million questions about your medical history, prescribe a medication, but doesn't investigate how much stress you have or have had in your daily life, how you treat yourself and how you ended up in the situation you are in. 

These days it is very popular to cover the symptoms of disease with medication, get vaccinated before epidemic strikes and put our own health into stranger's hands. It looks like nobody wants to hear what caused disease in the first place.

But everything happens for a reason. If you can catch a cold 3 times a year, something wrong is not in the air, but inside you. A multitude of people breathe the same air, but don't get sick. The cause comes from within and only us should know what went wrong. Everyone is the best doctor to himself/herself. If you realize how you take care of your body, mind and spirit, you find the answer.

When you remove the cause of disease, you truly heal.

Whatever your health conditions or life experiences are, you can change them and take charge of your own health!

You can change your life because you choose how you feel and no one has that power over you!

My website covers the topics of physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Emotions play significant role in natural healing, more important than many of us think. I'm not talking about the stress you have to deal with every day, it is more about the attitude how you handle your feelings and how much you allow them to rule your life and health.

You can change your diet, move to a different place, undergo a complicated surgery or begin a life-halting pain management program, but disease still might come back if you don't pay attention to healing your emotions too.

How is it possible that in some patients cancer returns, even after a long and horrible regiment of radiation and chemotherapy? How is it possible that some people live their lives without suffering bruises at all, yet some of us are always sick, have a cold or just generally don't feel well? How is it possible that in some countries or regions people don't get cancer at all?

Natural healing starts within. Disease is a sign of your body that something has to be fixed. You can choose either to find a cause, change your habits and completely heal or cover the symptoms, get sick again and complain about your misery (plus pay the unnecessary medical bills!)

By reading next pages you'll learn how to kickoff more NATURAL approach to life (eliminate toxins from your body, eat whole foods, avoid medications), pay attention to your feelings and become SELF - aware of what your body is telling you and discover your own ability to HEAL and transform your life!

Now, are you ready to live a long, happy and healthy life?

Let's change the quality of our lives by educating ourselves and discovering our own natural healing powers!

Hello there! I am Katarina, the creator of Natural Self Heal.

I always had a dream to live in America.

Not only I was courageous and determined enough to make it happen, I also found love and started a family here.

Thanks to becoming a parent I discovered a passion for natural health and conscious living and I would like to share it with you.

So YOU can also make a positive change for your own life, health and happiness!