All-mighty Almonds

It has been proved, that only 2 oz of almonds provide more than 50% of your daily requirement for magnesium, a heart-healthy mineral. Almonds are great sources of vitamin E, fiber and monounsaturated fat, but the most major therapeutic effect is, that they are high in magnesium content.

Wherever the body must prevent harmful external influences, in the skin, hair and nails, magnesium is found in abundance associated with calcium. If the body is therefore a lack of magnesium, then it is certainly reflected in the quality of skin, hair and nails. Daily consumption of 10 almonds for two months can adjust and improve the status significantly. Like oatmeal, corn, celery, soybeans, barley, Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds are used for anti-cancer diet.

They help improve heart function and the treatment of heart disease is very effective. Also nervous system for normal operation needs to have enough magnesium in an organic form, so it is recommended to consume these nuts in various psychiatric disorders and neurosis. Magnesium deficiency is also manifested in calf pain, eyelid tremors, and sometimes headaches.

Almond milk is a great therapeutic diet when fighting infections. Magnesium increases the immunity of the organism in general and is particularly suited to staphylococcal bacteria. Research has found that magnesium, in addition to bone is also in the cartilage. In the absence of body magnesium, it can lead to degenerative joint disease. Magnesium deficiency is also reflected in tooth enamel. Almond oil is used to soften the skin and ear wax. Almond protein is the most complete protein for patients with malignant diseases. In these cases, the recommended consumption is 10 to 15 pieces a day with the fresh vegetables.

The all-mighty nuts are of great importance also in pediatrics. It was found that the metabolism of proteins from full-scale almond milk is quick, easy and does not burden the child organism. Almond and soy milk is much better for babies than cow's milk, because it is often the cause of allergies. This milk does not cause rotting processes in the gut. These advantages are mainly used in children with eczema.

In acute diarrhea in infants showed that a very effective drug diet is a mixture of almond milk and whey. It is necessary to consult a physician knowledgeable of diet therapy though. As a standard infant diet must be alternating with almond and soy milk. This concerns mainly children with low birth weight. The largest effects have natural nuts, not thermally modified. We can eat them either whole or finely grated and mix them with poppy seeds or honey or as a spread. They can be added to the vegetable and fruit salads, too.

Can't make yourself to eat enough almonds? Try to make your own almond butter:

I use my Nutribullet to grind 2 cups of slightly roasted almonds into almost a cream, then I add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of maple syrup for some sweetness (you can skip and enjoy a "guilt-free" butter).  I am sure, you can grind your almonds in any good food processor. When you grind long enough (don't forget to give your "buddy" a break every 2-3 minutes or so), the almonds will turn into a butter on their own. This is way healthier and tastier alternative to peanut butter or any other store-bought processed spreads. Just don't eat all of it at once :) Another tip: There is more fiber in natural whole almonds, than in the roasted ones. 

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