Castor Oil

Castor oil has an interesting composition, which makes it quite a valuable commodity. In addition to protein and some minerals, it is rich in fatty acids, which account for 95% of ricinoleic acid. It has high viscosity of monounsaturated fatty acids and strong healing effect, that helps the natural regeneration of the skin and binds much needed moisture. Therefore, castor oil is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive or damaged skin.

Apart from the beneficial effects on the skin, among which also include treatment of warts, postoperative scarring or wrinkles suppression, the external application of this oil is good also for many other health problems. The most effective are proven oil packs, which can in a short time remove muscle and joint pain, postoperative pain or pain associated with any injury. In addition, it is also used successfully for wound infections, open wounds and in some cases also removes cancerous tumors.

Internal use of castor oil is especially suitable for constipation and upset stomach. The oil can cleanse the entire intestinal tract and effectively stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system. This leads to increased elimination of toxic substances in the cells. The problems that people using castor oil rid, range from appendicitis to scleroderma and include pain syndromes, misaligned vertebrae, hyperactivity, cancer, upset stomach, etc.

Edgar Cayce, an American psychic also recommended castor oil in many of his treatments. In the book "The Edgar Cayce Remedies by W. A. McGarey there are numerous stories how this oil helped people with complications. For example, David fell on the sharp edge of the step and the parents feared that he broke a vertebra. The pain was so strong that they had to do a lot to calm him down. On the wounded place they attached the pack with oil and that night he fell asleep on the carpet. Within four hours he was very restless. Then he suddenly lowered and fast asleep. When he woke up parents examined his back. He was perfectly normal. No pain, no signs of injury. What was the cause of a cure? Was it an imagination? Was it a healing effect of the oil pack? Were there any vibrating influences? Spiritual healing?

On another occasion, one boy stepped on the metal clip and the two parts of it were injected into the foot. It was a relatively deep wound. Once he stopped bleeding, his father put the foot in oil wrap and let it in there until the wound almost healed - it was a matter of a few days. Immediately after the application the pain subsided. The next day he was walking again. Healing proceeded without difficulty and its length was definitely shortened.

One other patient says: "I used castor oil wrap for the fibroid tumor in the uterus. I attached three layers of flannel with oil and electric blanket, three or four times a week. I started around 9.30 p.m. and I read until I fell asleep. Then I turned off the lights, turned off the blanket, but I left it in place. I slept until about one o'clock and then I took off everything. This went on for about six months. During the next annual examination my doctor said that the tumor had disappeared. "

Why does it work?

One concept that helps us to understand why these packs are useful in many different cases, is the very nature of castor oil, when used internally. It cleanses the entire intestinal tract and due to the fact that it is close to both blood and lymph flows to the intestine, it cleanses these vital streams of fluids. Lymph is a fluid like blood, but does not contain red blood cells. It has other characteristics that distinguish it from the blood. It is more alkaline than blood. It purifies the individual cells, since the capillary blood circulation is not able to remove all waste material. Lymph flows through the various nodes, intestinal walls, liver and Peyer's posters.

On the basis of how different medical states respond to these wraps can be concluded that the oil stimulates the lymphatic system. This leads to an increased elimination of toxic substances from the cell to which the wrap is applied. If damaged or inflamed areas of healing poultices, cell tissue in it after removing the toxins is able to regenerate faster and this way deal with infection or inflammation.

Proof of this is the following case where a woman injured her hand. It was not a fracture, but the hand was swollen and very bruised. Her husband wrote: "Despite our belief, my wife used a wrap with castor oil. The results were dramatic. Swelling was gone the next morning and healing progressed very quickly. In the next three days her hand was completely healed. Another remarkable thing was the absence of pain an hour after the wrap."

The big advantage with the oil packs is that they are easy to apply. The necessary equipment you need is:

• Soft flannel (cotton or wool fabric, cut in 10 x 12 inch pieces)

• Cold-pressed castor oil

• Waxed paper or plastic film

• Heat source (preferably water bottles - hot water bottle, but you can also use an electric blanket or pillow)

Instructions: Fold the material into cubes 5 to 10 inches thick. Soak it in the oil. Place it on the skin wherever it needs to be treated. Attach to a composite material piece of waxed paper or plastic film. Put water bottles or other heat source on top of the packs. If the bottle is too hot, wrap it in a towel. Allow the wrap to work for at least an hour. If necessary, leave it attached all night. The oil wrap is recommended to apply three to seven times a week.

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