Change Your Future Today By Letting Go Of The Past!

We all want to have our lives fixed, to make our situations easier and better, but we don't want to have to change. We want them, the outside world to be different. But first, we have to change in ourselves in order to expect that our life will be transformed.

Every one of us thinks of her/himself in a certain way. When you grow up, your parents or teachers tell you things like:

"You are not supposed to do this."

"Boys don't cry."

"You'll never make money as a ....."

"You are not good enough to do that."

"The world is dangerous."

People around us effect our way of thinking by telling us what they think and then we happen to believe it. What you believe is true for you. I remember that when I was in high school, my classmates always said to me, that I am a very laid-back person and that nothing can ever turn me off . I didn't even know what that meant first. But as they were saying this over and over, I started to believe it and that is what I became.

But if you somewhere deep inside believe those statements, your life probably isn't going the way you want. Your relationships suck (you might believe that you are unlovable and nobody loves you), your financial situation is a disaster (you might come from a low-income family and believe you don't deserve more), you are sick (because you believe it runs in the family), etc...

So what thoughts are cruising through your mind right now? Are they thoughts of joy, prosperity and love or hatred, fear and stubbornness?

It doesn't matter how long you've been thinking and believing these thoughts. As long as you are willing to change, the shift can start in any moment! These are only the thoughts and thoughts can be changed. You can turn negative statements into positive ones.

  1. Look in the mirror and say to yourself: "I am willing to change." Working with the mirror will help you achieve faster results.
  2. Do the clean-up in your mind. Old and negative patterns have to go in order to break something. Then we will welcome new and positive thoughts, so we can start living better and healthier.
  3. Don't let your resistance stop you from making the changes. 

When you want to transform your old thinking and start new, your mind will probably not like it. It will try to convince you, that "the old" is better and you have to live out all experiences that it caused. No! That is your "old, weaker you" and you can easily replace it with your "new, stronger you"!

If you are strong enough to train your mind to reverse, you can achieve amazing things! You can just think of something you want and you WILL get it. Work with your mind and be willing to release all negative thoughts that don't make you feel good. Let them dissolve to nothing. That's where they came from anyway.

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down all negative patterns you have about the problem you want to solve. Let's say you want to leave your current work place and find a new job, but you are worried that it won't be easy and you lose your income.

How about this exercise when you say to yourself:

"I realize that I created this situation. I release all negative thoughts from my consciousness which caused this condition."

It works wonders. It will bring you a huge amount of relief. Try and don't give up, even though it is not going to be easy at first. Have faith in life. Learn how to turn all your worries into positive affirmations, for example:

"I am open for new wonderful position where I use my talent and all abilities and express myself creatively."
"It is easy for me to find a new job, where I get paid enough to cover all my expenses."

And so on...

Your old thoughts are gone. There is nothing you can do about them. But you can transform your life from this moment. This particular moment is what matters now! You have your thoughts totally under your control, because you know how to do it.

Shift The Way You Think and Your Life Will Turn Around!

1. Be willing to change
2. Relax your mind
3. Write down all the thoughts you think about yourself
4. Eliminate the negative ones, turn them into positives
5. Be persistent, work with your mind
6. Be kind to yourself, praise yourself for doing a great job and changing your life for the better
7. Every time the negative thought appear, use self control and say to yourself, you do not need it in your life anymore!

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