Common Sense in Natural Healing

Common sense is a must-have tool to not only healthy, but also well-balanced and happy life. With your own judgment you make decisions based on what is good for you, based on what you feel. But sometimes our feelings are suppressed by feelings and opinions of other people. We do what they tell us to do, not listening to our inner voice. Later we find out, it doesn't make us happy and we want to change it. But what if it's too late and we don't get a second chance? You get sick and you go to a doctor, who tells you based on what he thinks is best for you, that you should get a surgery. You believe him/her, but after the surgery you feel worse than before and regret that you let your life be in charge of a stranger.

You start to listen to your body, pay attention to your thoughts and research alternative options. Then you become aware of your own possibilities to heal and overcome deadly disease on your own. How wonderful that feeling of your own strength and awareness must be? Wouldn't you want to experience it? You do not need to see a doctor on minor or even major occasion if you know how your body and mind works.

You are your own best doctor! With a little help from mother Nature, you can manage your health to the highest good.

Use your common sense!

First of all, you have to realize, that YOU are responsible for your health and you can do whatever it takes to help body to heal. If we give our bodies what they need, they will function properly and will heal on their own! Being aware of this, is the point of  our common sense. It is the point of whole existence! By taking care of yourself for 20-30 years of your productive age, you wouldn't even have to pay for health insurance.

Imagine, if you think and eat healthy, exercise regularly, take the time for yourself and eliminate most of the toxic feelings and substances from your life, you can save serious money on prescription drugs, doctor's visits, hospitals, medication...

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini wrote an exceptional book "The Power of Self-Healing" where he noted a study published in the journal Health Affairs. It states that "the average health care cost per American - every man, woman and child in the United States is 6,280 $ a year. That is more than 25,000 $ for a family of four!

How much wealthier you could be if you saved that much or even half of it every year? If you could save at least 12,000 $ a year, that would be 1,000 $ every month to save or invest. A 30-year old who stays well and adopts healthy habits can theoretically save more than 1,000,000 $ by the time he/she is 65. And that million dollars is just a bonus to the fact that they will enjoy a life of emotional, physical and social wealth far beyond the financial benefit."

(adapted from Discover Wellness by Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Jason A. Deitch).

How To Keep Good Health Naturally with Common Sense:

1. Eliminate stress from your life. Be thankful for what you have, see and feel. Learn how to meditate, exercise, relax, appreciate... Devote some quiet time to yourself every day.

2. Keep the junk, fat and unhealthy food away from your diet, eat simple and healthy meals.

3. Exercise. ( Little walk to the store instead of going by car is not going to hurt you and on the way there you can practice some quiet time as mentioned above. ) Do you feel like running, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, dancing, bicycling? Do what you like and what makes you feel good without forcing yourself.

4. Find a hobby or interest, do something what you love and makes you happy, adopt a pet if you can.

5. Love yourself and others, love will come back to you multiplied.

6. No matter how negative environment you live in, practice positive thinking, daily affirmations, read inspiring stories, turn the TV news off and repeat to yourself: "All is well in my world. I love life and life loves me back! The Universe always takes care of me."

7. Make a change in your career, relationship if you need to, listen to your inner voice and if you have a dream and want something, GO FOR IT!

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