Healthy Version of European Crepes 

I recreated classic crepes recipe and substituted all-purpose flour for oats. Every time a recipe calls for all-purpose flour, I go with oats that I grind (just before use) in my Nutribullet into a flour. All-purpose flour is striped of all nutrients and contains no fiber. Oats are great source of fiber, iron and magnesium. Since oats are gluten free, oat flour is a good option for people who are gluten intolerant.

To make oat crepes extra fluffy, I used 4 eggs and I blended everything in a food processor. You can certainly whip the batter up by hand, just make sure it is smooth.


  • 4 eggs, preferably pasture raised

  • 1/2 cup oats = 1/2 cup oat flour

  • 1 cup of whole (organic) milk 

  • 2 T maple syrup

  • coconut oil for cooking

Mix or whisk all ingredients together in a bowl/blender. Preheat the small saute pan with a dash of coconut oil on a medium heat. Add about 2 tablespoons of batter into the pan and tilt the pan to form a thin layer. Cook for 1 minute and carefully flip over. You might want to start making the crepes thicker at first as they will be very fragile to handle. With practice you'll learn how to manage them thin. Cook another minute and transfer to a plate. Fill with fruit, chocolate spread, organic strawberry jam or plain yogurt. Kids will definitely love them!

Crepes are very thin pancakes and they come from France. They are very popular throughout whole Europe. In Copenhagen, Denmark the street vendors make them right in front of you and fill them up with sugar, cinnamon, nutella, bananas or whatever you like. They can be easily filled with herb cottage cheese, pesto or other savory spreads as well.

european pancakes

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