Daily Affirmations For Health, Love and Life

Daily affirmations when practiced with patience and love, will change your life. Sometimes it takes only days to change negative situation into positive outcome!

Start small. Try to repeat one positive affirmation every day 20-50 times. It can be anything you want to change. Anything realistic. Let's say you want to change your job. So the positive thought for this situation would be:

"It is easy to let go of the past and look ahead. I have a great new job, where I use all my skills and where I work with people I like."

That's an example, you can create words in any way that works for you. It is important that the affirmation is in the present. Our minds don't know the difference between present and future, they just believe everything you say and think.

Repeat that one sentence until you really start to believe it. That's the point. Your mind has to believe it and that is how the change appears. And then... You'll see the results. I believe you will. So do you, right?

It is very important to practice these and your own positive affirmations every day as many times as you can. If you repeat something to yourself a hundred times a day, your mind will believe it, no matter if it is positive or negative.

So why you should treat yourself with something negative if you can turn it into a positive thought that will create a positive experience? Start today and you will see the results soon!

Daily affirmations how to overcome disease:

- I am in charge of my health and I take care of my body, my mind and my spirit to live in health and love.

- I choose the peaceful and harmonious thoughts that create loving atmosphere in my body.

I love every part of my body.

- I give my body everything it needs to create an optimum health.

- I attract into my life everything I need for healing.

- I love and approve of myself.

Daily affirmations how to attain prosperity:

- I prosper wherever I turn.

- All my needs and desires are fulfilled before I ask.

- My income is constantly increasing.

- Everything I touch is a success.

- There is more money in this world than there are grains of sand.

- I create more work for myself and it is very profitable.

Daily affirmations how to create healthy relationships:

- I only accept kind and loving people in my life.

- I open my heart to love.

- I release the past and live now.

- I am open and receptive to a wonderful, loving relationship.

- I create lots of love and there is a lot of room for love to come.

- I always have the perfect partner in my life.

Daily affirmations how to overcome fears:

- I am free to be me.

- I deserve all good in life and I am safe.

- I leave my past behind. I trust life.

- I free myself from all destructive fears and phobias.

- I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.

Daily affirmations for parents:

- I communicate openly with my children.

- I have a loving, harmonious, joyous, healthy family.

- My children are safe and secure wherever they go.

- I accept and cherish my children's uniqueness. 

- I allow my children to express themselves freely.

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