Amazing Fruit Benefits

APPLES believed to fight several types of cancer, they may very well be key to "keeping the doctor away". They are also helpful in fighting heart disease, weight gain and high cholesterol. They help to prevent prostate, liver and lung cancer, because they're high in catechins, disease-fighting phytochemical. The fiber contained in apples is vital in preventing cholesterol reabsorption.

AVOCADOS are thought to be fattening, but in fact, they're source of superior nutrition. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and a mixture of a protein, fat and carbohydrate, which is often considered a perfect food. Each avocado contains a surprising 4 grams of protein, that's more than any other fruit! They're loaded with powerful antioxidant glutathione, which helps the body get rid of cancer-causing substances. Plus, avocados contain the highest concentrations of monounsaturated fat among all fruits, compounds that are essential to healthy brain development.

BANANAS are easy to digest and contain high levels of potassium, fiber, calcium, magnesium and iron. They are an excellent food for children and those recovering from illness. Bananas also help to aid sleep and enhance immune function.

BLACKBERRIES are magic purple fruits, as they are known for their antioxidant strength. They're also high in fiber, folic acid and vitamins C, K and B. Blackberry seeds are rich in Omega fatty acids 3 and 6.

BLUEBERRIES contain a wide range of micronutrients, including manganese, vitamin B-6, vitamin C and K. These power fruits are also high in fiber and renowned for their anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting phytochemicals. They also help your brain to produce dopamine, neurotransmitter, involved in memory, coordination and feelings of well-being.

CANTALOUPES are excellent source of vitamin A, C, potassium and folate. They are wonderful for promoting lung and vision health.

CRANBERRIES are a natural remedy for many ailments. The most common is urinary infection. If you suffer from recurrent bladder infections, try drinking about 8 oz of cranberry juice that contains at least 27% of juice. With their anti-inflammatory qualities and high levels of vitamin C, cranberries work wonders for the body's cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and immune systems.

CHERRIES provide natural substance called perillyl alcohol, which has an unusual ability to kill cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. They're high in melatonin, which acts like an antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage.

FIGS, sweet and luscious fruit contains calcium and potassium, which assist in building bone density and lowering blood pressure. They're also high source of fiber, which aids in weight management and has been shown to help fight breast cancer.

GRAPES work absolute wonders for the heart. The polyphenols within their skin decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and protect good cholesterol within your body.

GUAVA often listed as a superfruit, is rich in dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese and vitamins A and C. A single guava fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C than an orange.

HONEYDEW MELONS - The potassium within honeydew melons is great for lowering blood pressure. They're fabulous source of antioxidant-dispensing vitamin C and folate.

KIWIFRUIT is another rich source of vitamin C and fiber. Additionally, the vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids have a thinning effect on the blood, which may reduce the risk of blood clots.

MANGO has high levels of prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, diverse polyphenols and provitamin A carotenoids that work wonders for the immune system.

NECTARINES are rich source of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber. Their antioxidant-dense flesh prevents free radicals in the environment from entering your body, prolonging the aging process and helping to maintain glowing skin and healthy body weight.

ORANGES are renowned for their concentration of vitamin C. They contain healing properties that have been associated with a wide variety of phytonutrient compounds. They are packed with pectin, potassium, folic acid and vitamin B. This citrus appears to offer the most significant protection against esophageal, orophayngeal (mouth, larynx and pharynx) and stomach cancers.

PAPAYAcolorful and buttery smooth fruit is renowned for aiding the digestive system. They also contain rich sources of antioxidants, B vitamins, folate, potassium and fiber. These nutrients promote cardiovascular help and provide protection against colon cancer.

PEACHES are packed with vitamins A and C, potassium, beta carotene and antioxidants. They are quickly joining the ranks of the usually-purple, antioxidant-rich superfruits.

PEAR is high in colon-clearing dietary fiber. This fruit also contains free radical-fighting copper and vitamin C.

Just one cup of sweet, refreshing PINEAPPLE supplies 128% of your daily manganese recommendation, a trace mineral essential in generating energy and antioxidants. The vitamin C in pineapples also contains antioxidants and assists in immune support. Pineapple is known as digestive aid and anti-inflammatory.

STRAWBERRIES are loaded with heart-protecting, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory phenols.

WATERMELON is 92% water, its other 8% is brimming with energy-boosting B vitamins and rich antioxidants, including vitamin A and C and lycopene, known for its ability to neutralize free radicals.

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