Who suffers when traveling, he should at least 1 hour before traveling eat a piece of fresh ginger root candy and wet it in a little yogurt or kefir. Japanese medicine believes in encouraging effect of ginger. Half a teaspoon of ginger 20 minutes before traveling by car will supposedly guarantee about 4 hours of the encouraging effects.

Ginger may also use pregnant women. Those would be in its first trimester, however, beware of your dosage. In pregnancy, it is recommended to use in the form of powder or pellets. The maximum dose is 1g per use!

When you have fever and cough, use extract from 1 to 2 fresh slices of ginger, let it steep in the hot water for about 10 minutes. Add some cinnamon and honey. This tea is the most delectable when you let it stand. Combine it with any type of tea (Earl Grey preferred) and after two hours, it will enchant you with slightly spicy taste and help you breathe better.

Against the flu or sore throat you have to prepare stronger tea. In one quart of boiling water add 1 or 2 teaspoon of dried ground ginger, cinnamon piece and 3 whole cloves. Let cook for 5 minutes and after cooling add to a warm tea lemon juice (when you add lemon juice to boiling or very hot tea, it will lose the vitamin C content!) and 2 tablespoon of honey. Honey fundamentally belongs to the hot tea, as the tea loses its disinfecting and healing effects.

If you want to prepare a homemade ginger candy, cut the root into small pieces and boil. Sprinkle cooked pieces with sugar, spread on a parchment or rice paper and let them thoroughly dry.

Ginger is great for nausea, cough, indigestion, colic, flatulence and its compresses are good for sore muscles. This small miracle certainly reduces high cholesterol, acts positively on the blood circulation and heart function, your partners will appreciate the positive effects on testicular inflammation at times and maybe even cancer patients can benefit to mitigate one of the cruelest diseases ever.

Ginger is a classic means of therapies. Even in Ayurveda (Indian arts of life and healing) it is the universal remedy . Its main ability is the supply of energy, which warms up the body and relaxes the action of the cells. It also has been used in aromatherapy. It is suitable in situations of the stress or periods, it can melt and relieves migraine and it has similar effects on blood like aspirin.

During pregnancy can effectively eliminate morning sickness, which appears in the early months. This spice has antiseptic properties, but also the ability to refine or reduce lymph cholesterol. A cotton swab dipped in a ginger concoction brings relief for an earache. Attached to the skin it increases blood circulation and soothes the pain caused by influenza. Ointment mixed with it excellently reduces muscle fatigue and pain in joints and arthritis, thanks to warming abilities.


Ginger can help you in winter or in unfavorable seasons, but be wise to remember the words of our ancestors, "a lot of anything can harm." Since the ginger is very strong, enjoy it in a moderate way! Children under three should not use ginger for therapeutic purposes in general. During pregnancy it is recommended to use it only in powder form as a tea.

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