How To Be Happy and Stay That Way?


"state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy".

To realize how to be happy, let me ask you this: What makes you happy in your life? Do you know your purpose, why are you here? Is it you, your family, friends, kids, wealth or success?

Or is it you, who you live for? If you want to live a happy and exceptional life, you have to think about yourself first. Being selfish doesn't mean you don't care about others. It means that in order to be helpful and do good things, you have to be happy yourself. Maybe you are happy by making other people happy. But what happens then? Your spouse will grow old and you will find that you have nothing in common anymore, your kids will leave home to live their lives, your career will come to an end one day, what then?

How to be happy has no definite answer. For everyone of us happiness means something different. We all strive to be happy and it is everyone's birthright. I think how to be happy should come from "real" things.

  • Health over disease

  • Strength over the weakness

  • Freedom over the limits

  • Courage over the fear

  • Having positive attitude over the negative one

  • Wisdom over the ignorance

  • Experiences over the material things

  • Being aware of yourself, your power, your abilities

  • Living in the present over the past or future 

  • Find your purpose. Find your dream. Do you have any? Anything you would like to do?

    Just follow it! Get up and go! Make it happen! It's not going to fall right into your arms without any effort. I know, it requires a lot of courage, confidence, hard work, perseverance, skills, maybe even support from your loved ones (maybe not, if you have enough drive to get what you want), but even though you were not born this way, you can learn to do it this way.

    Do you believe that life is just a matter of luck, coincidence or that you can actually create it all by yourself? You can build and change any even the worst situation in your favor. Successful people started from nothing. Learn and grow and live! Live your every single day 100%. Everything is relative, everything ends sooner or later, either bad or good. So why wait if we can be happy now? 

    To follow a dream and never even hesitate about not getting it, that's the way I chose how to be happy. I found my happiness in different country, in a new home. If I had stayed back in Europe, lived a "regular" life of regular people who constantly complain, are full of negativism, fear and misery, I wouldn't have had what I have now and that way I wouldn't even come close to being happy.

    Every day you wake up, there are numerous opportunities for you how to be happy and how to use the time we have. Life is so precious to waste. Every second we live, we should enjoy to the fullest.

    Be yourself and find out what you are meant to be. Eliminate the bad stuff. If your partner or current job doesn't bring a happiness to your life anymore, get out of it. You'll never be happy if you have to live someone else's life. Create what you want in your mind and then it will become your reality.

    My kids are my happiness and they fill my life with so much joy and pride. However, it took me a long time to realize it. When my second daughter was born, the first one was only 14 months old.   I had two babies in diapers, none of them walking or speaking and myself with only two hands, two legs and one back. There was no help from my family.

    When my husband is working 5 x a week, I am with my princesses on my own. In the beginning I was very frustrated. I didn't have time to eat, drink a coffee or even take a breath. I am a perfectionist and I want to have it all and make it all: a clean house, happy babies, cooked lunch/dinner, checked emails and messages on Facebook, potty training, working out, looking and feeling good, starting a website, ...

    In other words I put a lot of pressure on my shoulders and when something didn't work out the way I wanted, I would get upset and angry. I used to be so irritated that I couldn't find a joy in simple things, relax and smile on my kids. I was in stress. But WHY? For WHAT? For clean dishes, folded laundry or swept floor?

    One day I sat down and thought that I can't do this to my kids and myself anymore. I can't be so angry and frustrated just because I have no time for myself. It is not going to lead to anything positive! I want to raise my children in a positive environment and this is what I do? Thanks God I've been blessed with some self-awareness! I took some quiet time and made a list what exactly I am thankful for.

    "Imagine that one day you lose everything you have. Later you find it again, how happy would you be?"

    Sometimes the existence of a negative feeling or a bad accident must happen for us to realize how grateful and appreciative we should be. It definitely pays off to think about the situation and see our life from different perspective before it's too late. That will give us a whole new insight and we will start to praise things and people that we didn't really see or care about before.

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