Ionic Foot Detox

The process of ion cleaning is an excellent method to detoxify the body through the foot bath water with ion generator (electrode system). The flow of a weak electric current in the water causes the breakdown of salt and water molecules to ions (this process is also known as electrolysis).

The ionic foot detoxification leads to the gradual elimination of toxins from the body by stimulating cells to electromagnetic fields (bio-energy). Body fluids can take the bio-energy ions in the tub through the feet and transmit them to the individual cells. You can then much easier flush out accumulated toxins and unwanted metabolites and also use the nutrients more efficiently. This is a very effective way of getting rid of toxins - no matter where they are located in your body.

The process of ion foot detox treatment stimulates all cells of the body to increase the metabolism by restoring their energy balance (electric potential and the cell membrane).

Toxins are not released in the bath throughout the process, but they are progressively metabolised naturally by the body (urine, faeces, sweat and exhaled air). The water in the tub gradually changes color, but it has nothing to do with the process of detoxification of the body-color change is only due to the electrolytic decomposition of salt and substances contained in municipal water (minerals, organic matter, sulfates, organisms ...).

The water bath in the tub is also releasing sweat and grime of the feet, the remains of cosmetics, mold spores and dead skin cells and so on. All of these substances by the action of weak electric field break down and lead to their mutual reactions accompanied by color changes. The water temperature and body temperature has also effect on the color changing.

The water can also create a variety of sediments that fall to the bottom, bubbles and other phenomena associated with the course of electrolysis. The effectiveness of stimulation of natural detoxifying in the electromagnetic field of ions is empirically supported by millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

The benefits of using ionic foot detox can best verify completion of the recommended 10 treatment sessions in one month. It will cure the whole body function more efficiently and you will feel better.

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