Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About, 2005

Kevin Trudeau is an American hero! If you didn't read his book yet, this is an absolute MUST-READ for not only American nation, but for people of the rest of the world, too.

Kevin Trudeau is revealing us the truth about American government, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. You won't believe your eyes, what valuable information this tiny book contains and how it will or at least should change your life. Especially when you're sick, overweight and addicted to prescription drugs. This is an eye-opener for people who live here and are daily brainwashed by media, majority of medical staff and government. Kevin Trudeau is an inspiring human being, who is brave enough to write and show us the truth the US people who rule this country don't want you to know about.

This book doesn't really contain any specific natural cures, because the author was told by FTC (Federal Trade Comission) that he is not allowed to name any product by name and he can not express his opinion based on thorough investigation that certain products can treat, prevent or cure disease.

In 2006 Kevin Trudeau decided to stand up for his First Amendment constitutional right of free unrestricted speech. He chose to take a stand against the lies and deceit promulgated by pharmaceutical industry and worldwide governments. He dared to go against the established worldwide medical community and do the unthinkable. He self-published the second book called "More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease" and then "More Natural Cures Revealed"in 2010.

In these books you can find natural treatment for all major diseases from diabetes, allergies, asthma, depression, cold/flu to eczema, hair loss, infections or weight loss. Among his claims there are that sunscreen, not ultraviolet radiation, causes cancer, that antiperspirants and deodorants contain toxic levels of aluminum, that AIDS is a hoax, and that chemotherapy is more dangerous than cancer. Kevin Trudeau's mission is, in his own words, to have positive impact on individuals and society, providing information people don't know about, information that can save their lives.

In these books he explains why drug and food companies hide the truth, about how their products can cause disease, how FDA and FTC are not protecting you, the consumers and instead protect the profits of large multinational corporations, includes weight loss truths, health care basics and insider secrets.

When I read this book for the first time, I thought I won't be eating any thing anymore! I learned a lot; how pork, shellfish, so-called "all-natural" products, aspartame, white sugar, pasteurized, frozen, processed and microwaved food and all food which is not organic is toxic and doing you more harm than good. Maybe you cannot eat organic food every day or give up on some steak, sugar or wine here and there. But it is entirely up to you, how dramatically you can change your lifestyle or at least eliminate toxins you take into your body every day in order to be healthy, feel better and have proper weight.


"Most people do not know how the system works in America. We think there is a constitution, we think there is a bill of rights. We think that the First Amendment of The United States Constitution guarantees that every person has the right of free speech, we believe as Americans that no one has a monopoly on the truth, that scientific facts are not facts at all, but merely theories and opinions that history has shown to change as new information becomes available. The way our system works is when a large publicly traded company has their profits affected by a voice and opinions of individuals like me, those companies take certain measures to suppress and stifle that individual's expression of his First Amendment free speech right."

" When a doctor prescribes antibiotics, does he ever perform the test to determine if you had bacterial infection? Does he perform the test to determine which antibiotic out of the hundreds would be the most effective against the particular bacterial strain causing your problem? Probably not. These two things are important because in over 90% of the cases when antibiotic is prescribed, the problem will not be solved with antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria, they don't kill the virus. Did you know that all antibiotics kill friendly bacteria in the colon, automatically leading to a Candida yeast overgrowth? Antibiotics have been known to cause heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting, skin rashes, liver failure, chronic pain, muscle pain, symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's and have put people in comas. Over 100 million doses of antibiotics are handed out each year. Even the Centers for Disease Control says, that 60% of antibiotics are totally unnecessary prescriptions."

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