Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life, 1984

Louise Hay's "You can heal your life" book changed my life. Literally. This was the first book I had an honor to read from the genre called spiritual, not knowing what it meant. I was 23 when I was ready to read this masterpiece and do something with my life. The books, that are supposed to mean something to you or you have to learn something from them, come to you at the right time. Actually, everything that happens to you, come in the right time. If you are willing to believe it, of course. If you are not ready, you can try whatever you want and it doesn't work.

I remember when I wanted to leave my job and find something new. I tried like zillion places, sent out resumes, went for the interviews and was nearly desperate not knowing what to do. Give up? No, you can't give up just because you experience bad times, because when you think you're ready to give up, that's where the shift happens. You just have to wait for that day. Wait for the miracle. That something will happen. Sometimes you don't even have to think about how to solve the problem, you just focus on the problem being solved. If you need or want to get something, you don't waste your time thinking how to get it, instead you concentrate all your thoughts on having that! It really works. And it saves a lot of time and pressure.

You can heal your life is not only about physical state of your body, how exactly you can heal your disease by changing mental patterns, it is about seeing your life in a different perspective, meaning that we all were created as magnificent human beings with all the tools we need for successful living, we just have to be open, educate ourselves, explore, practice and grow. And then our life and everything in it will be healed.

Louise Hay was born in 1926 and her childhood was nothing to be bragged about. She was raped at the age of 5, got pregnant at the age of 15, but gave up her baby girl for adoption. She became a licensed practitioner for Church of Religious Science and then became full-time counselor. When Louise was diagnosed with cancer, she had the chance to prove that cancer can be healed from within, with meditations, positive affirmations, nutrition and reflexology. She published her first and the most popular book, You can heal your life in 1984 which was translated into 30 languages and sold in millions around the world. After that, she started her publishing firm Hay House, which represents over 130 authors today, such as Wayne W. Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Cheryl Richardson etc.


"Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back."

"Each one of us decides to incarnate upon this planet at a particular point in time and space. We have chosen to come here to learn a particular lesson that will advance us upon our spiritual, evolutionary pathway. We choose our sex, our color, our country and then we look around for the particular set of parents who will mirror the pattern we are bringing in to work on in this lifetime."

"Whenever we are ill, we need to search our hearts to see who it is we need to forgive. The very person you find it hardest to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most. We do not have to know how to forgive, all we need to do is to be willing to forgive. The Universe will take care of the 'hows'."

"You are the power in your world! You get to have whatever you choose to think!"

"What you put your attention on grows. The more you dwell on what you don't want, the more of it you create."

Louise Hay's other self help books include:

  • Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them, 1984
  • Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook, 1990
  • The Power Is Within You, 1991
  • Loving Thoughts For Increasing Prosperity, 1993
  • Gratitude: A Way Of Life, 1996
  • 101 Ways To Health And Healing, 1998
  • 101 Ways To Happiness, 1998
  • I Can Do It, 2004
  • The Adventures of Lulu: Three Stories to Help Build Self-Esteem and Courage in Children, 2005
  • I Think I Am, 2008
  • Experience Your Good Now!, 2010
  • Letters to Louise, 2011
  • You Can Create An Exceptional Life, 2011
  • Painting The Future, 2012

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