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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

My name is Katarina and I would like to share my personal story with you. I dreamed about life in the United States since I and my family remember. When I was 11, I told my mom that one day I would come to the US and live there. I come from former Czechoslovakia and I partially grew up in communism, where it was even hard to learn English back then.

I discovered love for English thanks to music around 1991. Our school started to teach English, when communism ended (thanks to Velvet Revolution in November 1989), but it was barely basic knowledge and I pretty much learned majority myself at home. I was very good at it, although I was very shy to communicate in front of others. Love and passion for this language got me where I am now.

Maybe it wasn't even any talent, just strong desire to learn and experience it. I have to say, I always had a sense for spelling (which Slovak grammar doesn't use) and never had to memorize words from vocabulary. It actually still amazes me, that I can spell words which I've heard maybe once in my life. It felt like second nature, although I am still learning and improving.

I was one of the best students of English at all schools I studied, however I never had the confidence to talk about myself and my qualities. Instead of talking I always preferred writing. Maybe that is why I am writing this article now and launching my own website. As time went by and some drastic changes appeared in my life, I always knew that one day my dream will come true. I was driven by inner force, because when I thought of anything, small or big that I wanted to get, achieve or experience, I always went for it and made it happen!

With passion, determination, courage, perseverance and a strong positive feeling you'll always make your dream come true!

Never give up on your dream!

Growing up in humble conditions (with sole support of my mom) I didn't get anything served on a silver platter. Instead I fantasized about what I wanted and went out to get it.

When I was 14, it was a time to decide what I wanted to do in future and pick a high school where I was going to study. I always feared of mathematics and didn't want to do the entry test from a math. I was great at English, so I picked the school where I would be able to pass the test. There was only one school without doing tests from math and many people were me and my mom discouraging from applying to that school, because in their minds, it was very hard to pass the test and get in there.

Well, not for me, because I didn't listen to those people and still tried it. I got in. After school, I dreamed about finding a job outside the country and travel. I knew I could do it, because of the advantage of speaking English, but I was also very shy, introverted and doubted myself. (Which I still do...) After 6 years in a miserable job, 8-year long draining relationship with my boyfriend and depressing feelings that life had no sense, I finally decided to break away and apply for a job at river cruise ship.

First ship I got in didn't pay much money and work was very mentally and physically challenging, however it was the first step to overcome my feelings of insecurity. It was a great lesson for somebody like me, who wanted to live abroad and needed to start somewhere. Then I saw this beautiful looking "lady" on the river, called Viking Star operated by Viking River Cruises. I've heard all the great things about working for this company, plus the money you could make there, was many people were only dreaming about.

They were only dreaming and didn't allow themselves to live that dream, they didn't even believe that I could get in! And I did, of course. My mind was set and determined to turn a wish into reality. I traveled across Europe and had financial freedom. I was ready to sail away for another new adventure. I never planned it, but came across the ad for a cleaning job for Danish hotels. So I went for the interview and soon was landing in a magnificent Copenhagen.

After two ecstatic years experiencing true freedom in state of Denmark I had to make a change. The voice of my soul was calling to me that my future belongs somewhere else. It was tough, but I knew I had to do it. Leave. Every time I had to change something before, I was happy and excited, but now, I was leaving behind my friends, solid supervisor job (in one of the most exclusive hotels in the country) and financially comfortable way of life.

I decided to start all over again, this time for real in USA. I didn't know anybody here and came on my own, as usually. I started to work in the restaurant doing the job that I hated my entire life. But I was doing it because I wanted to be here and didn't have many options. I wished to make another change, but my visa didn't allow me to. I was hoping for a miracle. To stay in the US, but not in this job (almost impossible because of the limited visa).

Then... bang! I met a guy. On an isolated island in the middle of senior citizens' paradise I met my physical and spiritual soul-mate! We didn't plan anything. I got pregnant. After 4 date nights, I had to make the biggest decision of my life... But later I realized that this was the MIRACLE I hoped for...

And now I could not be happier! I have the best of the best in my husband, two sweet little pumpkins in our growing family garden and a wonderful future ahead of us. My friends say I live a sort of Cinderella story, because since I came here, all the best things happened to me in such a short time. Destiny or coincidence of living the life in the best possible way?

Nature's Calling

When I got pregnant, I was very careful about my diet and living/experiencing the pregnancy in the most natural way. When I found out how much fast-food American people eat, how everything in the grocery stores is loaded with sugar or otherwise processed, I refused to be a part of it. I started to do some research and gradually found passion in the topic of natural health.

I think I was always aware of healthy eating habits, need for the body to detoxify, exercise, not get vaccinated and all the right things, but thanks to my children I became more profound of living naturally, healthy and happy life. The information I put together on this website is a collection of "rules" that I live by, that do work and make me healthier and better person. I hope I can motivate some of you to be willing to change your life for the better. Start in your mind first and then everything will go smoothly... and naturally.

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