The Power Of Positive Thinking Works For Everybody

The power of positive thinking means not only to feel good, be optimistic and overcome bad experiences easier. It also makes you healthy or sick from physical point of view. Nutrition, although playing a major role in healing, doesn't do everything. There's more to a healthy, well-balanced and happy life than just eating right.

Heal your body with the power of positive thinking!

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Louise L. Hay wrote an amazingly inspiring book about connection of our thoughts with the body and how we create health conditions with our thinking.

Your body responds to every thought you think. If your mind is filled with thoughts of anger, frustration, fear, hurt, injustice or other negative emotion for a very long time, you can physically create an illness in your body.

There are numerous studies showing that the power of positive thinking helps in the healing of disease, such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, headaches, constipation, ulcers, tumors, even obesity.

The power of positive thinking effects your health. Let's look at the most common health issues, the mental patterns causing them and new affirmations for the mind to help body to heal.

THE STOMACH digests all new ideas and experiences we have. When we have stomach problems, it could mean we don't know how to digest/assimilate new experiences. (New affirmation to remove this problem would be: Life agrees with me. I assimilate every moment of every day. All is well.)

ULCERS are no more than fear - tremendous fear of not being good enough. We can't stomach who we are. Always trying to please others. (I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. I am calm.)

THE COLON represents our ability to let go and release what we no longer need. The body needs a balance of intake, assimilation and elimination. Our fear is blocking the releasing of old. We are stuck in the past. (I easily release that which I no longer need. The past is over and I am free.)

LEGS carry us forward in life. Leg problems indicate a fear of moving forward. Many old people have a difficult time walking. They often feel there is no place to go. (Life is for me. I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well in my future.)

ACCIDENTS are no accident. Like everything else in our lives, we create them. Not necessarily by saying: I want to have an accident." But we have a certain mental pattern that can attract an accident to us. Accidents are expressions of anger and frustration and inability to speak up for the self. Some people are prone to accidents, yet some of us go for a life-time without a scratch. When we feel angry, guilty and are in need for punishment, accident is a great way to take care of that. We turn to others for sympathy and attention. (I release the pattern that created this. I am at peace. I am worthwhile.)

ARTHRITIS is a disease that comes from a constant pattern of criticism. Criticism of self and then of others. ( I now choose to love and approve of myself. I see others with love.)

THE HEART represents love and blood represents joy. When we deny ourselves joy and love, the heart shrivels and becomes cold. As a result, our blood gets sluggish and we create anemia, angina, heart attacks. Heart attack people do not take the time to appreciate the joys of life. (I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experience. I express love to all.)

OVERWEIGHT represents a need for protection. We seek for protection from hurts, abuse, criticism. It means also insecurity, self-rejection. Diets don't work. Loving and approving of yourself, trusting in the process of life and feeling safe because you know the power of your own mind makes the best diet you can think of. (I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.

To learn more about mental causes of our illnesses and how to overcome them with the right patterns, you can visit Louise's Hay's website or YouCanHealYourLife.

Everyone is responsible for everything what happens in our lives, even though we don't want to admit it. It is easier to put the blame on something or somebody else. No, we ourselves have the power to live exceptional, healthy and abundant lives if we know that it all starts in our mind. What we think is who we really are.

Every thought we think is creating our future. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences. Positive thinking is a way of life. If you want to live happily and healthy, you have to persist in thinking positive! It is easy to stop and go back to live in negativity, but then your life will stay the same... If you don't change, you don't grow. If you don't grow, you are not really living.

Change your negative beliefs and negative thoughts into positive ones today and your world changes immediately. It is simple and it works! Train your mind to stop thinking negative and practice everyday to change all patterns into positive statements.

Free yourself from the thoughts that don't do any good to you and cause you unhappy life. The past is over and done. The power of positive thinking is in what you choose to believe now.  You might believe that you have no control over your mind. No, it is you who has POWER over your mind! Your mind is a tool and you can use it any way you want.

Stay Healthy with Common Sense

The Power of Positive Thinking Will Make Your Life Naturally Happy and Healthy!

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