Relaxation Techniques For Spiritual Healing

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."  

~ William Newton Clark

Believing in a higher power or spirit and practicing relaxation techniques when we are stressed, tired or sick means a tremendous support for our bodies to heal. There are numerous proofs that prayers or meditation helped people to heal.

When we are talking about healing by faith, we don't mean you have to be religious. Believing and praying is Faith, no matter who or what you pray to.

Your mind has two main parts, which are the CONSCIOUS and the SUBCONSCIOUS part. The conscious mind takes up only 10% and controls rational or logical thoughts. Subconscious part takes up 90% and is responsible for our beliefs, memory, habits, self-image and so on.

By using your rational thoughts, you are using only 10% of your mind. If you learn how to use your mind with these relaxation techniques, not only you can heal, but also improve the quality of your life that you never thought was possible.

Remember, you are the master of your mind, not a servant! Learn how it works and use it to achieve all your desires.

Why is it so important to find the right relaxation technique?

Every one of us has his/her own form of relaxation when doing something what you enjoy. That is also a part of self healing, when your mind can rest and body has the chance to physically recover. Some of the most powerful forms of relaxation are activities you probably usually do without even realizing that they help you to heal and calm down:

  • MUSIC is on my list number 1. Music brings back those wonderful memories, makes you feel good and is very soothing. Music can even put you in the ALPHA state (mild daydream or light relaxation state). To me it is the best therapy and a friend that stands by me in my best or worst times. 

  • WRITING - When you are writing, your thinking slows down, you are more relaxed and focused. Fifteen minutes of writing every day can change your life! You can keep a journal of your feelings or write down the things you would like to achieve. By writing it all down you are allowing the Universe to make it happen. 

  • DANCE - Dancing or other form of exercise releases endorphins in our bodies and makes us feel good. Dance in any form helps to move and stimulate energy flow through body. Dance is naturally anti-aging! Getting energy moving will increase your flexibility, build physical strength  and increase oxygen uptake in the cells. People don't usually dance unless they enjoy it. Doing anything that you enjoy, is good for you. Doing something that is good for you and that you enjoy is even better. 


  • CREATIVITY - Be creative, take your mind off daily routine and you help the body to restore its cells. I read a story of a woman, who was making pottery in her free time and her migraines gradually went away. She was concentrating on this activity so much, she eventually forgot all about the pain she had!









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