What Would You Do If You Had 4 Months Left To Live?

Last week one of my girl-friends back home passed away. It's been years since I talked to her, but we had some good times way back and those memories tied us together...

Every time I hear such news from home, it touches me so badly, I can't stop thinking of it. Maybe the fact that I am not there makes it worse. Maybe if I was there, it would be easier to handle along with the company of our common friends... It almost feels like a part of your youth is dying too.

It is hard to let someone go, especially when it is someone close to you. It is hard when you can not help your friend in some way or..... can you?

My friend was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago (unfortunately stage 4). She was bright, single woman with a normal life filled with job, friends and her dog. She didn't smoke, drinks were an occasion. Yet, she was complaining about the pain in her body for the past year or two. Didn't pay attention to it. (Didn't have time, didn't want to or made another excuses not to listen to her body messages and take care of herself... that I don't know...)

All of a sudden, she's at the doctor's office hearing devastating news. Cancer. What doctor told her that moment, I will never understand... “You have time till Christmas.” How can someone tell a 32-year old woman “You have 4 months left to live...”?

By the way, what would you do if you had 4 months left to live?

That fact itself killed her more than cancer dwelling already in her body. She heard the words of no hope, something she needed the most, so she gave up... She lost the battle before she could start it.

She never asked for help and nobody knew she was suffering. Instead she was the one always offering help, always smiling, though only on the outside. Inside she was carrying this burden of toxic emotions that couldn't get out and ate her from inside out.

I believe that cancer doesn't happen overnight. And that it is caused by combination of risk factors (like processed food, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, drinking, drugs, vaccines, radiation and other exposure to toxins...) But even if we take care of ourselves on the outside (diet, exercise, supplements), it doesn't mean anything if we neglect the soul and feed our mind with anger, fear, guilt, stress, denial, disapproval and lack self love and self care!

It is scientifically proven that emotions can heal our lives. As long term resentment and anger to something in your life can trigger physical disease in your body, another (positive) emotion can heal it and prevent it. There are countless proofs that people healed themselves not only with natural (alternative) cancer treatments (even stage 4), but also with laughter, positive thoughts, prayers, meditations...

To me, personally it looks like the mind is the master. Whatever you put in your mind, your body will listen. It will listen to whatever you believe in. If you believe you can heal yourself and see yourself healthy, the body will react to it and become healthy. If you believe you are designed to be sick, you get sick.

Self care is a basic rule in natural healing, but not just the physical part of it. Sure, taking a bath after long day or having salad for lunch is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from daily chores, but don't forget to relax your mind too. Read a book that could help you to awake some positive emotions in you, watch a comedy (definitely not news) before bedtime, play a board game and spend time with your loved ones.

Communicate, learn to say no, but don't argue. Forgive. Let the past go. It is gone and you can't change that. You can only change the way you look at it now. Don't let it bother you. Avoid people and things in your life that suck the energy out of you. Surround yourself with positive and optimistic company. 

Did you know that according to Mayo Clinic studies optimists live longer than pessimists, therefore optimistic thinking makes a person healthier? Optimists

  • have lower risk of heart and cardiovascular disease

  • are resistant to colds and infections

  • have lower stress levels

  • have longer-lasting relationships and more friends

Do something what makes you happy. Truly happy... to the bottom of your heart. Forget work, pets, friends, even your children. (Not only) when you are sick, you have to think about yourself FIRST! How can you make people happy if you are not happy and healthy in the first place?

My friend clearly thought of someone else's happiness more than her own. She also locked herself out of any belief that she could heal. She used to be very helpful person always available to listen, but when the time came, NO ONE could help her...

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