What Toxins Make Us Sick?

There are 80,000 chemicals on US market that have not been properly studied and are allowed to use in food or cosmetics. Some of them are banned in Europe. On top of that, we constantly live in some kind of stress, either at work or in a relationship. Who has a perfect life? Nobody.

But if you are tired, sick, overweight, allergic, depressed, overwhelmed..., maybe it's time to pay attention to what your body is telling you. And what toxins you might be surrounded by: 


I put them first, because no matter how healthy and organic you eat, if you live in a stressful environment, you can always end up with cancer or other illness. Believe it or not, your emotions can be either the most toxic substances creating a disease that eat you from inside out or they can help in natural healing process and prevent disease before it happens. When you are in the grocery store, picking up the food you like, you choose carefully to put in the basket only things that look good and make you feel good. Be wise when you choose your thoughts as well. If you keep them under control, learn how to relax, live without a tension, in other words are in a happy state of mind, you heal yourself. Stress, anger, fear, guilt, resentment, hate, denial,… and other negative feelings are your biggest enemies!

Most Dangerous Toxins In Your Food


Nitrites in the meat products are linked to cancer, aspartame in diet sodas and diet products is a dangerous excitotoxin.
Artificial food dyes are derived from coal tar and petroleum. They are linked to behavioral changes, activity and attention problems at children. If they can make your yogurt blue, it just isn't good for you. By the way, what is yellow food dye doing in a jar of pickles, children's medicine (Motrin), Quaker oatmeal or whole-wheat bread (Boboli)? The most dangerous colors that are added mostly into the children's food are FD&C Blue#1 and 2, Green#3, Yellow#5 and 6.
Antibiotics are found in commercial raised animals like cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry. Animals are raised in such poor conditions, that they are susceptible to diseases, therefore they have to be treated with antibiotics. Your food then becomes drugs-raised. Eliminate eating meat or go for organic option.
Monosodium Glutamate or MSG is also an excitotoxin and is widely used in canned soups, dressings, packaged food, seasonings and fast food. Avoid MSG lurking in hydrolyzed protein as well.
Canola, soybean or commercial vegetable oil are mostly GMO – loaded with chemicals with unknown effects on humans. They are not healthy cooking oils as we were told. They turn yellow when heated, that means they become toxic to our health. Cook with good quality olive oil or coconut oil that is extremely beneficial for us.


90% of cosmetic products are toxins. Fragrance, phthalates (in detergents, soaps), petrochemicals (lipsticks, lip balms, cleansers, lotions), mercury (mascaras, eye makeup), triclosan (hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap), oxybenzone (sunscreen), aluminum (deodorants), DEA-diethanolamine, (shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, lotions, soaps), PERC (dry cleaning), BPA (plastic), formaldehyde and toluene (nail polish, polish removers, hair dyes), parabens (shampoos, lotions, deodorants - have been found in breast tumors) are in everyday products that get absorbed to the body and can cause immediate damage.
Propylene glycol is a cancerous substance used in antifreeze solutions, paints, floor wax and as a solvent. Yet, you can find it in pet food, tobacco products, shampoos, deodorants, detergents, baby wipes or processed food. Besides cancer it can cause skin rash, dermatitis, kidney damage, headaches, nausea... The problem is, that propylene glycol doesn't leave your body, it creates build up causing more problems over time!
Another cancer-causing agent is sodium laurel sulfate. You can find it in virtually everything mentioned above that makes the product foamy. 

I know, this is extremely toxic world that we live in. I didn't even mention eating genetically modified food, using plastic, drinking fluoride tap water or being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, microwaves, laptops, computers, high definition TVs and all wireless devices. If we constantly display ourselves to these poisons, we have much higher risk of getting cancer, diabetes, heart attack, allergies and other medical conditions.

However, the golden rule is to balance it out. Our family eats 80% organic food, but we didn't condemn the entire conventional principle and on occasion we indulge in something that is not really healthy, but it makes us happy in that moment (ice-cream, bacon, wine...). We try to use natural cosmetic products or make our own (deodorant, toothpaste, facial cleanser...)

You have to live a little, too. As long as you don't overdo it with one thing or another and do the proper cleanse 2 x a year, you can use the “bad” product if it's worth the benefit or pleasure. Don't forget that emotions play a significant role in being healthy too!

How do you fight everyday toxins in order to stay healthy? Let me know in comments section below!

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