Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Worthwhile?
(Or How I Lost 5 Pounds in 5 Days)

It took me a year to decide whether I want to participate in wisdom teeth removal or not. One side of the mouth was healthy, the other side crooked and had a cavity. I always thought that what is natural, should stay natural. If God gave us full set of teeth, we should live with it.

You can't really predict if your wisdom teeth will cause you trouble over time. They might or they might not. It is the fear that causes us trouble with health through our lives. Because of the fear that something might go wrong in the future, people do unnecessary things, such as buy unnecessary products. We should trust Life in itself and just go with the flow.

Logic many times wins over the true feelings. I might be scared as well of possible future problems with my teeth (for example when I will want to be pregnant again and breastfeed), so I decided to undergo this "treatment" and take two teeth out. Was it even necessary or worth the pain? Perhaps I won't know, but made my decision.

When you are making decisions like this, think with your own head and do what you feel is right for you. Don't get pushed into a corner by the dentists or your family whose predictions don't have to be true all the time. My husband told me to take them all out (that's what "normal" people do, right?) and my mom thought I would be fine with all of them. I didn't listen to anybody, but myself.

From a medical point of view, there is not enough evidence to prove that wisdom teeth that are not causing problems will be creating some in the future. The dentist might tell you to take them out just for preventative reasons, but if it doesn't seem right to you, you might as well keep them. I was surprised when the oral surgeon told me, that he could remove all 4 teeth at once. How do you function after such a painful procedure? Can you sleep, can you eat? Can someone take care of your kids or can you get time off from work?

After the surgery my mouth just went through (Tuesday, 8 am) I am waking up after general anesthesia (which I was pretty scared of, after watching a movie "Awake", I thought I would still be feeling something but not be able to tell the doctors). I am quite dizzy and seeing everybody in double vision. I am coming home and immediately going to bed. Where are all the laughs and jokes I saw on YouTube videos from surgeries like this?

I have to keep my head straight though. It avoids swelling. Which appeared the next day anyway and I looked like I had a giant apple in my mouth. The nurse in the office advised me to take the pill (Vicodin) as soon as I was able before the local anesthetic wears off. Since I didn't have anything to eat from midnight before the surgery, after the pill and a mini-nap between, I am getting out of bed dizzier, nauseous and running to the bathroom to vomit. Anything but water comes out. How sweet! Good that I didn't have any steak and potatoes, what a waste that would be! Since that moment I am boycotting Vicodin/Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen or whatever the hell it is called because I refuse to feel sick. I have to deal with bleeding in my mouth, changing the gauze, stiffness in the jaw and not being able to talk, eat or perform basic tasks and all that while nauseous?

That's what I "love" about medical doctors. They prescribe you the strongest painkiller possible, causing different and painful side effects instead of educating one on how to minimize the pain with natural remedies. The third day my mouth looked like a pear and I was thinking I am on the way to full recovery soon, instead I felt pain and swelling all evening. The next day was worse. I was mad, I should be free of swelling at least and be able to function normally!

I must admit, this wasn't exactly the best time to have a surgery. My job is to be a mom and housewife, which requires a lot of patience and time management. So after the surgery, I not only had to feed and entertain two kids, do the laundry, cook some edible meals, I had to find the time to relax, take warm compresses and rinse the mouth 5 times a day with saltwater. Bananas, oatmeal, eggs and chocolate pudding was all I ate for 4 days, and I was tired of all of that already after day 1.

On the fifth day I woke up with a smile. I decided that on Sunday, day number 6 I would be healed, no more drama, frustration and anger about the pain. I am relaxed, cool, calm and collected from now on. (I have to remind myself of this every time I get upset or when something is not going the way I want).

In conclusion, after any type of surgery no matter what you eat or don't eat, what medications or painkillers you take, healing starts in the mind first. You decide when you'll be healthy again, not doctors or medicine. I didn't want to call the doctor on Monday and say "Help, my mouth is still swollen!" I can take care of myself and I can heal myself, because I know how.

I was expecting a speedy recovery when I signed up for this and my expectations were not fulfilled, that's why I was having issues with it and became angry. Anger and frustration doesn't help the healing process, it deters it. Not only that, anger, frustration and other bad feelings can cause physical complications, such as infection, abscess, longer healing time, etc. After going through this ordeal, I think that when you're generally healthy, take the time to relax and don't have to deal with any other distractions, you can be healed and on the way to yourself in a short time.

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