You Can Self Heal

by Anthony

A Near Death Experience (NDE) does not get any better than this – a brain tumor patient is believed to be dead on the operation table but revives, fights paralysis and becomes fit enough to lead a normal life in a few months! That’s the true story of Anthony Wright, the author of “You Can Self Heal”.

We are fascinated by the natural healing powers of our mind and body but we rarely give it a chance to work. Anthony shows what we can achieve if we let our natural healing power work its way. What I found really interesting about his story is that he does not shun modern medicine. He shows a way to leverage the combined benefits of the two to speed up your recovery.

This book is simple and the concepts presented aren't complex medical concepts. You can easily read it and start applying the process of self-healing. It's worth-reading and it offers some interesting insights into health and healing.

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